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More information about Ancient & Foreign Coins



Ancient & World Coins

Coins are the worlds oldest collectible and it starts with Ancient coinage.  We have a significant amount of experience buying and selling all types of world and ancient coinage. Ancient and world coin diversity provides numismatist with an increased since of exploration as such coins are less common. The collector base is very strong , but there is also plenty with very little value.  There is a lot of thrill in the hunt for rare coins through many hours of searching and learning. 

Types of Ancient & World Coins

  • Ancient Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins

  • World Copper, Silver, and Gold Coins

  • Government Mint and Proof Sets

  • Territorial Coinage

  • Countermarked Coinage

  • Commemorative Coins and Medals

Get a Free Offer to Buy or Sell Now

Ecollectix has seen an increase in counterfeit coins, especially ancient and world coins. We are happy to do a basic analysis of all coins to help determine the authenticity of an item. This, however, is not guaranteed. 

Due to this increase, all coins that are not certified by NGC must be evaluated before an official exchange is made.

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