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US Rare Coins

Collectible USA coinage has existed since their initial creation in the 1600s.  While the denominations are heavily influences on countries like Great Britain and Mexico, but throughout the centuries the USA have adopted their own style and now produce some of the most sought-after coinage on the planet.  Saint Gaudens, Morgan Dollars, Bust Halves and Standing Liberty Quarters are considered some of the most beautiful coins and are usually accompanied by high premiums.

Examples of US Coins

·         Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes

·         Standing Liberty and Washington Quarters

·         Walking Liberty, Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars

·         Barber Coinage

·         Seated Liberty Coinage

·         Early and Bust Half Dollars

·         Morgan and Peace Dollars

·         Flowing Hair and Bust Dollars

·         Buffalo, Shield and “V” Nickels

·         Early American Copper

·         Indian, Flying Eagle and Lincoln Cents

·         Pre 1933 Federal Gold

·         Tokens, Store Cards and Medals

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At Ecollectix, we have a very heavy focus on USA coins of all types, years and mints.  With thousands of hours of USA numismatic specific studies, experience working with the worlds largest authentication firm and a massive passion for coins we will bring you an experience like no other coin shop.

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