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More information about selling gold




Gold is the AAA standard of the coin industry and we want to buy them.  We are USA gold coin buyers of every denomination from $1 gold coins to $20 gold Saint Gaudens and Libertys.  As well as world gold coins such as Mexican Escudos, British Sovereigns, Canadian Maple leaves, Krugerrands and so much more.  We also have experience in ancient gold coins such as Roman or Mesopotamian. 

Selling your gold

Gold coins can add up very quickly and we are highly experienced in dealing with large quantities and huge values.  We offer a personal 1 on 1 experience where we can explain everything to you in a comprehensive manor and offer a fair and strong offer based on current market values. 

For those not in our immediate reach, we offer a highly secure and fully insured mail in service.  In as little as a few days, you can ship your items via our insurance directly to our office, get a full and accurate offer, and have payment send for you to deposit immediately.  We are here to offer the best possible prices for your gold and numismatic coins.

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