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About Us



Bringing Nostalgia Home

Since 2018, Ecollectix's goal is to help people learn about what they have.  We bring a comprehensive structure to understanding collectibles value while determining what makes items more or less valuable and why. We use highly accurate programs to look up past auction realized prices from hundreds of sites that are otherwise not available to the general public. Condition census, rarity, popularity and demand are just some of the factors that are used to determine the value of an item and we use all of this information to accurately evaluate collectibles.  

Our Mission

Ecollectix is striving to provide strong and accurate information, appraisals, values and offers on all types of collectibles.

From dolls to dollars and everything in between, Ecollectix is here for all of your needs!

Meet the Expert

As a second-generation coin collector and dealer, Ryan Moretti has had an extreme interest in collectibles early in life.  From Nintendo & Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to coins, it was clear from a young age that he found the potential value items where others did not. 

Spending several hours working defining value within his fathers' business, Ryan was taught about value very early. At 9, he bought his first piece of collectible coinage which sparked an enthusiastic fire for collectibles.  By 15, he and his father put together a multi thousand-dollar coin collection.  Between 16 and 19 he would go to many coin shows and coin clubs allowing him to continue to increase his knowledge before heading out to California for a job opportunity with Spectrum Numismatics (now Stack's Bowers Galleries) that would last for the next ten years. He then went to work for PCGS as their variety and error arbitrator as well as their rare coin preservationist.

In 2018, Ryan opened up his own collectible company, Ecollectix.  Striving to be more than just another collectible's company, Ryan has purchased, dealt, and traded a variety of different products including  but not limited to action figures, comic books, film & animation cels, coins & currency, and sports memorabilia & autographs.

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