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Sports Cards, Non-Sports Card, & Trading Card Games

Millions of hours are spent playing and collecting cards.  For more than 80 years, Topps has dominated the collectible card market as the primary producer of sports cards. What once started out as collectibles one can through trade-ins, cigarette packs and cereal boxes, has now become a multi million dollar industry whose values are just as vast of the items they provide. It is no longer just nostalgic images but can also include relics and signatures for players both new and old.

Trading Card Games

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in collectors interested in TCG cards or trading card games. Their use in games have made obtaining high quality that are graded a 10 that much harder to obtain. The most common examples of this type of card is Pokemon and Magic the Gathering.

Non-Sports Cards

Non-sports cards provide the greatest diversity within card collections. This allows music, movie, and historic buffs to collect small remembrance of their favorite things through their card collection large or small. Goodwin Champions is one set that provides a diversity of pop cultural references. By looking up different production companies, throughout the world one can find any type of collection they would like

Common examples

  • Sports Cards

  • Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf, Dunruss, Fleer, etc

  • Allen and Ginter

  • Pokemon

  • Magic The Gathering

  • Mars Attacks

  • Political and Event Cards

  • Tobacco Cards

  • Other TCG and Non-Sports

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