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More information about Certified Coins



Certified Coins

We buy and sell certified USA, foreign, and ancient coins from all top tier third party grading services.  We'll also purchase off-brand grading services but such coins will be treated as a raw coin and will require an additional assessment of the grade to properly determine the value.  No matter the grading service or type of coin, Ecollectix has your numismatic expertise to make fair market offers every time.  We have accounts with all major services as well as the ability to act as a submission center for each company to fit your needs.

Primary Grading Services

·         Professional Coin Grading Services (PCGS

·         Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC)

·         American Numismatic Association Coin Services (ANACS)

·         Independent Coin Graders (ICG)

Low Tier and "Off-Brand" Grading Services

If you have coins that are certified in "Off Brand" holder, we can still make accurate and fair market offers on them by helping you determine the true market value.  With years of grading experience, we have the skills to appraise any coins you have.

·         PCI

·         National Numismatic Company (NNC)

·         AccuGrade

How We Price Certified Coins?

We have had decades of experience buying, selling, and pricing coins has become second nature for us.  We utilize major publications such as the Certified Coin Dealer News Letter, Grey and Blue Sheets for determining prices.  As members of the rare coin dealer network Certified Coin Exchange, we enable ourselves to have access to a huge network of other dealers to buy, sell, and gain updated pricing information.  Just a few additional sources that we use to find accurate pricing information are WorthPoint, Heritage, Ebay, and PCGSCoinFacts.

Get a Free Offer to Buy or Sell Now

Send us some information, including images or specific details of your coins for an appraisal.  Our exerts will price and determine evaluations and recommendations for the best way to complete the sale of your collection.

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