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We buy, sell, and trade collectibles.

At Ecollectix, we understand that evaluating your items can be intimidating.  With our decades of experience and access to private and public pricing, we strive to bring the most accurate pricing with a great experience for both buyers and sellers.  From Dolls to Dollars, we have seen it all and want to help you understand it. 


Phone number: 845-242-6507

What we do

Collection Appraisals



Bringing Nostalgia Back Home

What We Buy?

Precious Metals & Bullion
Running Suits
Running Suits
Running Suits
Running Suits
Running Suits

Our Buying Process

The first step of getting an offer on your collectibles is to let us know what you have. You can do this by emailing us, texting us or filling out the appraisal form found at the bottom of this page (as well as in our contact us page). In order for us to provide the most accurate information please sent us an inventory lists and clear photos of your items. Once received, our expert buyer will contact you about the potential value of your items.

Once the initial or site unseen value is determine, our expert buyer will determine the best way for the items to be examined either through an in person appointment or through the mail. In either case, you are guaranteed the highest value possible for your collection. 

Brands we Love

  • Lego

  • Funko

  • Disney

  • Madame Alexander

  • US Mint

  • Warner Brothers

  • Hot Toys

  • Nintendo

  • Topps

  • Bowman

  • Marvel

  • Tonka

  • Buddy L

  • Hasbro

  • Mattel

  • GI Joe

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Sell to someone you trust

As a second-generation coin collector and dealer, Ryan Moretti has had an extreme interest in collectibles early in life.  From Nintendo to coins, Ryan engulfs himself in buying, selling, learning, and educating himself about any collectible item with defied value.

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Email: /  Tel: 845-242-6507 

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